As part of our preventative treatment policy, we recommend visits to our dental hygienist


Visiting our hygienist can help you with much more than just keeping your mouth clean. Regular appointments will help you learn about how to look after your mouth on a daily basis to help to prevent dental problems and manage issues such as a build-up of plaque.

What’s more, appointments with our hygienist will also allow us to notice issues with your gums, which are often indicators of other health concerns such as cardio-vascular issues. These sessions are therefore vital for helping us to keep not only your dental health in check, but your general health too.

Your oral health is our priority, but not at the expense of your trust, so let’s works together to keep your mouth in the best condition it can be.

Start your preventive dental care now and reap the benefits of our hygienist treatments. Call us now to book an appointment on 01417 727091.