A fresh approach to dentistry built on respect, honesty and the power of your smile

With over twelve years’ experience working in dentistry, our senior dentist Anjum Baig is perfectly placed to advise you on keeping your smile just how you want it. But his understanding of the importance of expert dental care goes far deeper.

“I have first-hand experience of the effects of being unhappy with your teeth”, says Anjum.

“As a child, I had very crowded teeth which really left a big dent in my confidence. Receiving the right Orthodontic Treatment to fix my smile had a huge impact on my life, allowing who I am to finally shine through. That’s why I became a dentist: to help others experience the positive impact the right dental treatment can have not only on your teeth, but also on your entire self-image.”

It’s not just Anjum who holds this belief, however. Every member of the Dental Professionals team shares this positive ethos, and as a Modern Family Dentist Glasgow we hope it’s a feeling that rubs off on you when you come for your appointment with us. If you look after your teeth, your teeth will look after you. If you let us help you look after your teeth, then the best possible ‘you’ cannot fail to radiate out thanks to your sparkling smile. You can Contact us for an appointment with our Advance Glasgow Dentists.

Our dentists follow the Dental Professionals philosophy of educating our patients of the value of their smiles, throughout their lives

Anjum Baig
– Senior Dentist

The Dental Professionals team look forward to seeing you at the surgery very soon!

For more information about us, or to make an appointment with one of the Dental Professionals team, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0141 772 7091.